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X-socks Bike Energizer Socks White Men´s clothing,BIONIC on sale,UK store

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  • X-socks Bike Energizer Socks White Men´s clothing,BIONIC on sale,UK store
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X-socks Bike Energizer Socks White Men´s clothing,BIONIC on sale,UK store_checkout
BIONIC triathlon BIONIC X-socks Men´s Clothing Socks , X-socks Bike Energizer Socks White Men´s clothing,BIONIC on sale,UK store bionic store cy,Low Price Guarantee

QUICKENS BLOOD FLOW, CALMS MUSCLES. The compression Socks for cyclist and tour-biker. The gradual compression combats gravity, accelerating the flow of venous blood back to the heart. This improves blood circulation and nutrient supply, relieves the strain on the cardiovascular system and lowers the pulse rate.

The energy this saves is available to you as an additional reserve during physical exertion. In addition, the gradual compression, generated by our Smart Compression Zone improves regeneration and reduces the risk of thrombosis. With a refined system of protectors and cushions, the Bike Energizer Socks give your feet a 13-way protection.

The ventilation system with the patented AirConditioning Channel in conjunction with the AirCool Stripes and the anatomical right-left foot bed, pumps warm, moist air out of the shoe with every step and sucks in fresh air right under your sole. This keeps feet dry and therefore resistant to blisters and chafing.


- 38%: Nylon

- 34%: Skin NODOR

- 14%: Mythlan

- 9%: Robur

- 5%: Elastane

- 47%: Nylon

- 34%: Polyester

- 14%: Polypropylene

- 5%: Elastane


AirConditioning Channel:

Conducts air away from the anatomically shaped footbed via the inside surface of the foot and thus ensures that moist,overheated air is pumped out of even tight fitting shoes with every movement.

ToeTip Protector:

Asymmetrical impact-absorbing protectors made of hollow-core Robur™ fibers cushion and protect toes at the pressure-sensitive tips.

Toe Protector:

Guards against blisters and chafing.

Anatomically shaped footbed:

For “L”-left and “R”-right foot with integrated AirConditioning Channel.

X-Cross Bandage:

The unique crossover ankle bands, knit of elastic materials, give stressed tendons, muscles and joints secure hold and stability without limiting freedom of movement.

AirFlow AnklePads:

Ankle bones are often scraped up during falls since they jut out from the sides of the legs. The crescent-moon-shaped alignment of the pads offers the best possible protection without affecting the ventilation ability of the AirConditioning Channel®.

Stretching Rib:

Provides maximum elasticity and ideal fit, and air can easily circulate along the ribs.

Duckbill Shaped Footguard:

The Duckbill Shaped Footguard pads the toes, instep and balls of the feet against the heavy strain encountered when attacking a hill, and during high intensity sprints. The special Silver NODOR® or Skin NODOR® and Mythlan fabric combination means that the fabric does not reduce space within the shoe.

Smart Compression Zone:

Improves nutrient supply, reduces muscle vibrations, enhances performance.

Self-adjusting cuff (Socks):

Adapts to any size leg without slipping or constricting.

Traverse AirFlow Channel System:

Regulates the temperature of the sole of the foot and conducts moist and overheated air into the AirConditioning Channel.

Heel Protector:

Guards against pressure and friction.

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